January 18, 2017

Project Portfolio

 Smart Grid / Smart Charging Communications Controller

Research and development of of ARM9 based smart grid / smart charging control boards with GreenPHY, Zigbee, GSM/CDMA, Ethernet, WiFi, CAN, USB, RS232 and USNAP interfaces used in the smart grid / smart charging initiatives in the Automotive sector

Nanoliter dispensor for microplates

Complete design of a three axes precision liquid dispensing platform for highly accurate nanoliter fluid dispensing into microplates. Included the design of a custom board consisting of three axis coordinated brushless motor control along with multiple external device control and a USB interface to a host computer

Radio Scintillation Detector

Xilinx FPGA based radio scintillation detector  for beta particle counting with 1.5GSPS ADC and novel photon counting architecture 

Automotive Rapid Prototyping ECU

C167 based transmission control board with high & low side drivers, analog interface for temperature & pressure and proportional solenoid drivers. Used for rapid prototyping of ABS control algorithms using Matlab/Simulink tools

MPC565 Based ECU for transmission control

MPC565 based control boards with high/low side drivers, CAN, speed, position sensors and brush and brushless motor drivers for use in the development of novel transmission control algorithms

Rugged weather proof ECU

MPC5555 based electronic control unit in a rugged IP68 enclosure for use in automotive engine control algorithm development using Matlab/Simulink tools

x86 PC104 Rack mount systems for Rapid Prototyping

An x86 based PC104 stack with custom interface boards for various applications in the area of automotive and industrial controls - specifically targeted towards rapid prototyping of control systems using Mathworks/ Simulink tools

PC104 Stack Based Rapid Prototyping ECU

Designed to work with Mathworks xPC target tools, this small form factor xPC target box was meant for use with rapid prototyping applications in the medical device manufacturing area

Laser based tree microrelief measurement system

A unique rotary system for measurement of tree bark structure. Designed to be broken down into three sections and yet be easy enough to set up and run in rugged terrain - with a laser sensor, BLDC motor and rechargeable battery.

Smart Wheelchair for Toddlers

ARM9 based robot control board with .NET interface for a smart wheelchair for toddlers with disabilities – consisted of a holonomic drivetrain, a unique wireless joystick interface, caregiver override controls via Bluetooth and WiFi

Automated Microplate Incubation, Storage and Retrieval Machine

Responsible for the electronics portion of a novel automated micro plate storage, incubation and retrieval system with multiple axes of high precision motion and electronics for temperature and humidity regulation.

High Throughput Multi-Channel Pipettor

Responsible for the electronics portion of the machine - a dual arm linear motor based multi-channel pipette platform for high throughput drug screening applications

Robotic high throughput screening systems

Responsible for the electronics in custom high throughput screening systems for pharmaceutical drug screening consisting of an industrial six DOF robot arm on a linear track with multiple motion control systems and sensors

Other notable projects


  • Networked IO Controller
    •   A novel network remote IO module for automated process controls based on a DSP with RS485 protocols
  • Automated Microplate handler
    • Responsible for the electronics portion of an automated plate handler consisting of three axis brushless motor control, bar code reading and multiple proximity sensors
  • Automated 384well liquid handling system
    • Responsible for the electronics portion of an automated 384 well liquid handling systems consisting of extremely precise motion control system for nano liter dispensing
  • Multi-Axis Motor Controller
    • A DSP based high throughput modular motion control system for control of brushless DC motors in both velocity and torque modes
  • High Speed Micro Array printer
    • Responsible for the electronics portion of a high speed linear motor based platform for printing micro arrays on glass slides
  • Micro Gravity robotic platform with thrusters and on-board processing
    • Research and development -  robotic platform for operation in a micro gravity environment – NSF funded study. The development involved a unique dual arm robot floating on gas bearings with thrusters and multiple motors & sensors for the study of object capture using robots in micro gravity environments.
  • Automated coal thickness measurement
    • US Bureau of mines funded project for the automated measurement of coal thickness in a high wall mine
  • High Cycle Fatigue Testing machine
    • funded by the department of mechanical engineering. Used a novel precision torque control architecture to move a brushless motor for high cycle fatigue testing
  • Mobile robot for unstructured indoor navigation
    • Based on a HERO robot chassis - this involved the design of numerous sensors as well the development of algorithms for indoor navigation