January 18, 2017


Our core strength - the art of intelligent electromechanical sysytems. Using a top down system wide approach to the integration of electronics, mechanical and firmware - we design unique high performance machines

System Architecture Design

  • Definition of the system architecture using your concept of the product
  • Identification of the components in the system architecture
  • Break down of the components into individual areas of electronics mechanical and firmware components for analysis

System Analysis and Design

  • Analytical modeling of the systems electrical and mechanical components in a unified manner
  • Rigorous virtual prototyping to select the right mechanical, power train and control components using our expertise in electromechanical systems

Machine Design

  • Multi axes machines for the industrial and laboratory automation markets
  • Simple stepper driven systems to linear servo systems with sub micron resolutions
  • Expertise in selection of motors, slides, bearings and machine frame components using analytical techniques to maximize performance and reduce cost
  • All CAD is done in SolidWorks. CAM file generation is also available


  • Analytical models for inverse kinematics and dynamics for control of multi-DOF systems
  • Expertise in generating control code that can run in 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers or DSPs for control of linear manipulators
  • Expertise in autonomous mobile vehicle navigation using sensor based approach and multi processor methods