January 15, 2017

Electronics Design

From Schematic level entry to a production ready design - we can take your idea from concept to production using our network of board and contract shops

Mixed Signal Designs

  • Analog front end designs, high speed ADCs, FPGA and Microcontrollers on board for instrumentation used in life sciences R&D
  • Designs using High speed flash ADCs up to 2.4GHz  
  • High speed analog signal path designs including multi-pole filters using high fidelity signal path simulations

Programmable Logic

  • Xilinx FPGA based designs with a large library of IP developed over twenty years of work in the field
  • High speed ADCs interfaces to  FPGA and Microcontrollers used in high performance instrumentation


  • Microchip, Atmel, ST micro, Renesas family of microcontrollers
  • Complete line of programmers/debuggers and compilers in house
  • Extensive royalty free library of C functions for use in client projects

Sensor Interfaces

  • Wide ranging expertise in sensor selection 
  • Analog front end design for PMTs, APDs, MEMs IMUs, environmental and gas sensors
  • Signal chain design starting with the sensor all the way through ADC and microcontroller interface

Power Electronics

  • Expertise in brush and brushless motor controls up to 2KW
  • Power stage designs using both discrete FETs and modules
  • Expertise in sensorless BLDC controls including Field oriented control and vector torque control for demanding motor applications
  • Chipsets from Performance Motion Devices as well as in house IP for motor control


  • Short and long haul wireless implementation using off-the-shelf RF packages in the ISM band 
  • 2.4GHz designs –  Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee and Zwave 
  • Passive and active RFID designs